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Corporate Social Responsibility

As banks in Ireland strive to operate profitable and successful businesses, they also recognise their obligation to society and the importance of being responsible corporate citizens. In various and contrasting ways they have adopted corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and policies. These help to ensure that they:

  • conduct their businesses in an ethical and responsible manner that embraces the principles of honesty, integrity and fairness
  • provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment, one affording equal opportunities in which they are encouraged to achieve and are rewarded for their contribution
  • support and participate in community-based projects and initiatives all over the country at both national and local level
  • contribute to a better physical environment through various practices that can include using sustainable energy from renewable sources, reducing resource use by reusing and recycling, as well as waste reduction.

CSR Activities

Through corporate giving, sponsorship and other practical supports, the banks in Ireland provide a strong support network for a very wide range of activities. Whether in the field of community welfare, education, sports, culture or arts, such activities are essentially aimed at improving social inclusion and the quality of life in the wider community. Such is the scale of activity, it is not practical to list the CSR initiatives of each and every bank in Ireland, however, the following account outlines the principal areas of activity:

  • Investing in the Community
  • Financial Education
  • Promoting culture and the arts
  • Providing access to sports
  • Volunteering expertise

CSR Across the EU Banking Sector

The European Banking Federation, of which IBF is a member, works to promote CSR across Europe’s financial sector. In 2013 it published a new report on corporate social responsibly (CSR) highlighting the diverse range of CSR projects undertaken by its member organisations across the European banking sector. The report, Overview of CSR Practices in the European Banking Sector, aims to describe best practice in a number of key areas including community involvement, environmental impact, financial education and information disclosure. Read the CSR Report 2013