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Financial Education

Banks in Ireland recognise the importance of financial education and currently provide a wide range of initiatives and resources to schools, colleges and in the workplace.

BPFI is active in the financial education space through its longstanding relationship with the Business Studies Teachers’ Association of Ireland (BSTAI). As well as developing the online resource jointly with the BSTAI, BPFI continues to support the BSTAI’s Business Achievement Awards which have been running for over 20 years.

In the past BPFI (formerly the Irish Banking Federation) developed a range of generic resources and interactive tools online that assisted in teaching students about money and its management. These resources, directed at primary and second-level students, are still available to use and can be downloaded here: Money-Go-Round 2 and Paymaster 2. is an online resource for teachers and students of Leaving Certificate Business, Economics and Accounting.

Developed by BPFI in conjunction with the BSTAI the site provides a number of learning resources for use by teachers and students in the classroom or at home. These resources have been identified by the BSTAI as tools which can provide valuable support in teaching and learning the senior cycle business subjects.

The content on the site is written and assessed by experienced teachers with the assistance of BPFI’s Economist. was developed as part of European Money Week (EMW) , a initiative led by the European Banking Federation  which takes place in March each year. The week consists of a series of events both at national and European level, with the aim of raising public awareness on financial literacy and improving financial education for students at primary and secondary level. For further information, visit the EMW site here.

BSTAI Business Studies Achievement Awards

BPFI has a long-standing relationship with the BSTAI across a range of financial education projects and initiatives. One of our longest running initiates is the BSTAI Business Studies Achievement Awards. Running since 1988, these awards are given by the BSTAI to mark the outstanding achievement of the students who achieved first place in the State examinations in Accounting, Business, Economics at Senior Cycle and Business Studies in Junior Cycle.

Ahead of the awards ceremony in January 2015, BFPI with the assistance of the BSTAI undertook some research to compile a picture of what many of the previous award winners are up to today. Of the more than 100 Junior and Leaving Certificate students recognised through these Awards over the years since 1988, we’ve managed to track down quite a number of them to find the following:

  • 56% are currently employed within the wider financial services industry, while 44% are working across a variety of sectors including the medical, legal and entertainment industries
  • The collective experiences of past winners include participating in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, making the Forbes Top 30 list for under-30s, studying at top-level universities and other institutes around the world and working in such far-flung locations as Shanghai, Singapore, Ohio, New York and London
  • Females get the better of their male counterparts in the awards stakes, accounting for 56% as against 44% of all recipients
  • A geographical breakdown shows that schools in Dublin and Cork have produced the most award winners, with winners otherwise spread relatively evenly across the rest of the country.
  • We’ve also developed profiles for a number of the previous winners to provide greater insight into their careers to date.