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Fraud Prevention Publications

The guides below make up a comprehensive information pack for retailers and are ideal for staff training.

Most of the publications BPFI produces are available on this website in PDF format. In order to view some of the documents on the site you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Protecting PIN Entry Devices (PEDs) from Attack – A Retailers Guide

  • BPFI has produced a set of best practice guidelines for retailers that wish to protect their business and their customers from fraud related to a PIN entry device compromise.

General Retailer Guide to Accepting Cards

  • How to maximise the value of your CCTV system
  • Tips on keeping information secure
  • A brief guide to processing both Card Present and Card Not Present (CNP) sales
  • A4 Wall Poster with fraud prevention tips and guidelines

Guide to Accepting Card Not Present Transactions (e.g. via Phone or Internet)

  • Card not present transaction handling training/information poster
  • Techniques to reduce your fraud in a CNP environment
  • Ideal for canteens and other staff areas
  • Tell tale signs of a fraudster at work in a CNP environment
  • Techniques to reduce your fraud in a Card Present environment
  • A guide to knowing whether a cardholder is genuine or not
  • A reminder for staff of the 5 simple, but effective, ways to stop card fraud

Guide to Accepting Card Present Transactions

  • Information on Chip & PIN payments
  • Procedures surrounding the acceptance of non-Chip payment cards
  • Tell-tale signs of a counterfeit card

Incident Report Form

  • This form should be downloaded, printed and completed by retail staff involved in incidents of card fraud