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Guides & Supports for Businesses

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation (DJEI) has published a number of guides for small businesses about business financing and related issues.

Supporting SMEs Online Tool

The Supporting SMEs Online Tool is a new cross-governmental resource to help inform small businesses which of the over 80 Government supports could possibly fit their business.

By answering the eight questions in the Supporting SMEs Online Tool, a small business will, in one location:

  • Find out which of the over 80 Government business supports from 27 different Government Departments, Agencies and Initiatives are available to them;
  • Get information on the range of Government supports for accessing credit;
  • Be  advised as to their nearest Local Enterprise Office to discuss further the outcomes of the online tool;
  •  Download all these filtered results into a document for their further use.

The Supporting SMEs Online Tool can be accessed here

Banks Serving Businesses – Resources and Supports

A number of Banking and Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) members serve the business sector, providing a range of products and services including lending, deposits, investments and payment services.


BPFI Business Information Guides and Notes

Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) offers a range of generic industry-wide information guides and notes to help business customers to engage constructively and productively with their banks.

Banks and SMEs: The Business of Borrowing and Lending

BPFI has prepared this guide to help provide SMEs with a better understanding of borrowing interactions with lenders and to assist them in making lending applications.

A Guide to the Government Covid-19 Credit Guarantee Scheme

BPFI has prepared this guide to provide details of the Credit Guarantee Scheme, the eligibility criteria, how you can access it, and the information you will need to provide to your lender.

SMEs A Guide to Covid-19 Financial Support Measures’

BPFI has prepared this guide to provide information on COVID-19 payment breaks from lenders and how it will affect your loan, information on accessing new or increased credit facilities from lenders and the type of information required, and details of key COVID-19 Government/State Agency supports.

CCAB-I/BPFI Business Plan Guidance 2014

This help-sheet has been prepared by the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies – Ireland (CCAB-I) and Banking & Payments Federation Ireland. It is designed to facilitate the use of a common approach, framework and language in the preparation of business plans and raising of bank finance.

Standard Small Business Credit Application Guidance

This guidance is intended to show businesses the main information that they may need to provide when applying to a bank for credit.  Each bank makes its own assessment of credit applications based on its own specific information requirements.

The Credit Rating Process Explained

The European Capital Requirements Directive (Directive 2006/48/EC – Article 145(4)) requires institutions, if requested to do so, to explain their credit rating process to SMEs and other corporate applicants for loans. The information here provides an overview of the credit rating process used by credit institutions when assessing applications for loans and should make it easier for businesses to understand the credit rating process.

How Basel II Impacts on the Way that Banks Deal with Business Customers

The information in this guide looks at the impact of Basel II regulations on the way banks are required to deal with their business customers.

Generic Bank Sample Checklist for Hotel-Leisure Sector Clients in relation to Finance Application/Facility Review

There may well be differences in the way in which lending institutions manage the business customer relationship, including differences in the extent and detail of information sought.  However, this provides a generic, sample checklist of the range of information likely to be requested of businesses in the hotel/leisure sector

Generic Bank Guide for Farm Businesses in Relation to Finance Applications

This generic guide outlines the type of information that banks typically seek in relation to an application for finance from farm businesses.  It also provides an overview of how applications may be assessed.