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Payment Card Information for Retailers

In order to accept payment cards, a business first needs to set up a merchant agreement with a payment card processor (acquirer). The processor provides the relevant equipment and guidance on payment card types that suit a particular business. When setting up card acceptance it is advisable to speak with each relevant card processor so that you can choose the one most suited to your business needs.

A list of payment card processors is provided below:

Please note that this list of acquiring processors does not reflect an endorsement by Banking & Payments Federation Ireland. The purpose of the list is to provide details of known companies to assist retailers in their choice of card processor. If you wish to add your company details to this list, please contact us.

Advantages of Accepting Card Payments

  • By accepting payment cards you can help to boost your business by increasing your customers’ payment options
  • At the same time you can reduce the cost of cash and cheque management, including security and transport costs
  • Accepting card payments can give you access to a much broader customer base by accepting payments from anywhere in the world over the Internet, by phone and by mail order.

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