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Personal Customers

Financial Services providers, including Banks, play an important role in the daily lives of consumers providing crucial services, both directly and indirectly, to personal customers such as savings and investments, credit facilities, payment services, insurance and pensions.

In the following section you will find a range of information on issues which may be relevant to you as a bank customer from managing debt to switching your account and tips on preventing various types of fraud.

For additional information the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission provides information on the general financial services products available to personal consumers in Ireland along with comparisons of current offers and prices.Access Competition and Consumer Protection Commission website.

If you are looking for information on specific banking products and services you will find this on the website of each individual bank. Access a full list of BPFI members. For queries and complaints in relation to financial services, you should contact your financial services provider directly. As a representative body BPFI is not in a position to respond to individual customer queries about their financial affairs.