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Dormant Accounts

An account is considered dormant if there have been no customer transactions for 15 years or more.  Dormant accounts legislation covers deposit and current accounts, savings certificates, savings bonds, etc., held in financial institutions such as banks, building societies and An Post.

If you have been notified by your credit institution, or if you have reason to believe that you have dormant funds in a branch of a credit institution, you should complete the dormant account claim form which is available in the BPFI Guide to Dormant Accounts and send it directly to the credit institution concerned.

The documents below were produced by BPFI in order to assist people enquiring about the possible existence of dormant bank accounts.

Download BPFI’s Guide to Dormant Accounts 
Download the BPFI list of Bank Name Changes – Dormant Accounts 
Download BPFI’s list of Building Society Changes