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Protecting Your Personal Information

Your personal and financial information is valuable and fraudsters have many different ways of trying to trick you into divulging your private information for their financial gain.

Criminals may try to extract your personal and financial information in person, by phone, email, text message, letter or by downloading malware on to your PC or other electronic device.

Never take a person making unsolicited contact (contact that you have not initiated) at face value, especially when they are seeking personal, financial or security information. Fraudsters often present themselves as trusted individuals who are just trying to help you out. They may say they are from your bank, card scheme or other reputable organisation. Always carry out your own checks to validate that the person is genuinely who they say they are. If the person is a genuine representative of your bank, card scheme, the Gardaí or whatever organisation they claim to represent then they will fully understand and welcome you protecting your personal information.

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