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Vishing (Telephone) Scam

24th August 2017

There are reports of consumers being cold-called by fraudsters claiming to be from their Bank.

Key Details

  • Fraudulent calls have been targeting customers trying to persuade them that their Credit / Debit Card have been compromised.
  • These scams will usually request a transfer of funds or disclosure of card/account details.
  • Other variants of the fraudulent calls involve the customer’s account being over credited and that the customer must transfer money back to a third party account.
  • Some fraudulent callers are also advising that the customers branch will not be aware of this call as it is being handled by a third party.

Red Flags 

To assist in identifying such calls please be aware:

  • Your Bank will never call you to ask for a refund of credit in this manner.
  • Your Bank will not request for a transfer to any third party accounts.


Be wary of such calls, as they are not genuine.

  • If you suspect a call may be fraudulent you may hang up and call the phone number on the back of your card, or your local branch for verification
  • Make sure you hear a dial tone if calling from a landline or call from your mobile phone and tell them about your recent contact
  • Don’t transfer money out of your account unless you are doing so of your own accord – not being instructed to do so by a ‘caller’. Once your money leaves your bank account it is gone.


This is a general notice issued by the Financial Crime and Security Department of BPFI on behalf of BPFI members.

Disclaimer Note: The information contained in this Fraud Alert /Advisory is for general guidance and for information purposes only and is intended to enhance awareness and vigilance regarding this fraud.

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