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BPFI Framework Principles

Engagement with Elected Public Representatives/Third-Party Advisors for Customers in Financial Difficulty

BPFI member institutions are fully committed to working with their customers at every opportunity to resolve difficulties, including those associated with over indebtedness. BPFI member institutions work to keep people in their homes wherever possible; and repossession remains a last resort. These Framework Principles should be viewed as further reflection of that commitment.

BPFI member institutions:

(a) Recognise the importance and benefit of engaging with elected public representatives/ third-party advisors who make enquiries or representations on behalf of customers

(b) Require elected public representatives/third-party advisors to have, in accordance with data protection provisions, the written consent of the customer to make such enquiries or representations [the precise form of consent may vary as between member institutions ]

(c) Request elected public representatives/third-party advisors to make clear at the first point of contact with a member institution who they are and the nature of their enquiries or representations for the customer on whose behalf they are acting

(d) Have in place a specific contact point that can be utilised by elected public representatives/third-party advisors to expedite such enquiries or representations

(e) Reserve the right to determine, on a case-by-case basis, the most appropriate resolution for over indebted borrowers.

The following BPFI member institutions support these Framework Principles and have designated contact points in place to facilitate third-party representations in respect of customers in financial difficulty:

  • AIB/EBS/Haven –
  • Asset Services –
  • Bank of Ireland –
  • Danske Bank –
  • KBC Bank –
  • Lapithus –
  • Leeds Building Society –
  • Lloyds Bank/HBOS –
  • Pepper –
  • Permanent tsb –
  • Shoreline Residential DAC –
  • Start –
  • Ulster Bank –

Download a copy of the BPFI Framework Principles here.

December 2017