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Standing with the country.

Standing by you.

Now is a time to come together – to stand with our country and stand by you, our customers.

This crisis will challenge us and change us. And it will touch all of us without exception – individuals, families, communities, and our society as a whole.

Right now, many people are impacted by Covid-19, right across the spectrum of personal and business banking.

We stand with you. Over the past fortnight we have put in place a range of supports to help. That includes new ways to apply for a payment break – as quickly and simply as possible – so that you have the space you need right now.

We‘re working together to ensure our payments systems serve everyone – whether it’s an online transaction or a cash withdrawal. The new contactless payment limit increase will help you feel safer. And we’ve put in place a range of supports and safeguards for those who need it most.

Like any business, we’re also fighting the challenge of Covid-19. In response to the crisis, we’ve had to change how we work – like introducing social distancing across all of our locations and moving people apart to keep them safe. We will get to your application or your call. Thank you for your patience.

Across the retail banks in Ireland, almost 30,000 people are working – day in, day out – to respond as quickly as they can to this crisis. We want to thank them for everything they are doing to support our customers and support the economy.

Now is the time to come together. We stand with the country. We stand by you.