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IBF welcomes central bank rate cuts

The co-ordinated move by central banks around the world to lower interest rates is welcome in helping towards easing lending conditions for customers.

Account Switching: New Developments

The latest figures compiled by the Irish Banking Federation (IBF) show that, by end-June 2008, some 53,000 personal bank accounts have been switched under the IBF Personal Account Switching Code since its introduction in February 2005. An average of 1,200 personal bank accounts continue to be switched each month.

More than 35,000 new mortgages issued in Q2 2008

Market continues to adjust to more sustainable levels
The IBF/PwC Mortgage Market Profile published today shows that 35,154 new mortgages to the value of some €7.6 billion were issued during the second quarter of 2008, bringing the overall mortgage book to €145 billion.

Financial Services and the Elderly

As the representative body for the banking sector, the Irish Banking Federation (IBF) has a shared interest in ensuring that appropriate safeguards are in place at all times for the products and services provided to customers.