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EY-DKM/BPFI SME Market Monitor

The EY-DKM/BPFI SME Market Monitor tracks a range of key indicators important for the performance of the SME sector. Prepared for Banking and Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) by EY-DKM Economic Consultants, the report draws on fifteen indicators that influence the circumstances under which SMEs conduct their business and provides commentary and analysis on the current environment for SMEs and likely future trends.

The indicators presented are grouped under four headings:

  • Sentiment Indicators
  • Macroeconomics Indicators
  • Sectoral Indicators
  • Lending Indicators.

For more information on DKM Economic Consultants, please visit the DKM website.

SME Economic Dashboard

The DKM/BPFI SME Economic Dashboard, which tracks the latest trends across a range of economic indicators relevant to SMEs, is available to download here.

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