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Other Research Reports

UK and Irish Housing Markets: A First-time Buyer Perspective

The financial crisis had a major impact on the housing and mortgage markets in the UK and Ireland. Since, then, however, mortgage and housing markets in the two countries have also gone through some contrasting experiences.

Joint authors Mohammad Jamei, of UK Finance, and Anthony O’Brien, of BPFI, draw on national data sources to compare the two markets.

You can read the full report here: UK and Irish Housing Markets.


SME Lending Market in Ireland

Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) commissioned DKM Economic Consultants in 2013 to undertake a study which examines the evidence in regard to SME lending and establishes a basis for evaluating the credit experience of SMEs in Ireland and for comparing that experience with other countries both within and outside the euro area.

This independent report from DKM looks at:

  • SMEs in the Irish business context
  • the extent of the macroeconomic adjustment which has taken place in Ireland, particularly since 2006/2007
  • the macroeconomic factors which are likely to have an impact on the demand for credit by SMEs
  • the factors affecting the supply of bank credit to SMEs
  • the overall trends in bank lending are examined, with a particular focus on SMEs
  • the alternative funding initiatives available for SMEs and the measures introduced by Government.

SME Lending Market in Ireland – Full Report
SME Lending Market in Ireland – Summary

For more information on DKM Economic Consultants, please visit their website.